2019 :: Year of Congruence

I remember when I first started setting resolutions for myself, in earnest I mean. Of course, growing up I heard the adults doing it, but it wasn’t something I focused on until I was a junior in college + started to follow Emily Ayer, Lara Casey + a few related online bloggers + understand what goals and resolutions really meant. I started making goals and meeting them. Yet…it was easy because during college all of those goals seemed expected + attainable. The majority of those goals seemed like they didn’t have competing life structure or conflicts with circumstances or situations out of my control.

Setting resolutions as an adult now instead of as a college student requires a new measure of grace. A grace I’ve found lacking over the last few years as I’ve found myself in circumstances that don’t always seem within my control + I’ve made the decision to hold off on goal planning because it felt too daunting to plan + feel defeat when those goals didn’t make the cut two or three months into the year. But this year…I’m digging deep + finding that grace within myself. I’m finding the joy of the Lord to give me the strength to reset goals + intentions + to trust in His ability to control circumstances - as I learn to be flexible + grow through them.


I’m learning to see grace in myself.

grace that requires space + hope

I’m learning to see grace in myself. In others. For others. I’m learning that this kind of grace requires space + hope. Space for unforeseen changes + Hope for the resilience to overcome those changes.

With every new year we subconsciously link our deepest desires to the possibility that maybe…just maybe this will be the year that everything will happen for us. Even if we don’t set resolutions for those possibilities, our subconscious alerts us to those unspoken expectations each time we are let down. It is that realization that helped me see the truth surrounding our human responses + feelings in relation to each other. When we are living in self-disappointment, we are unable to love others well from that empty place.

In 2018 I learned a few vital truths about this life.

Grace cannot exist in perfection, it would not need to exist.

Mercy cannot exist without wrongdoing, it would be pointless.

Gratitude cannot occur without need, it would not be possible to understand.

All of these things led me to a word I heard repeated so many times by @drcourtneykahla “Congruence.” This word can be defined as “agreement, harmony or compatibility.” I chose this as my word of the year in an endeavor to cement the things God revealed in me in 2018. To bring all the piece of my life together in harmony. Where my spiritual life and stewardship intersect with my natural physical + psychological being, where calling + career can be in agreement.

It is said that there are years that there are years that bring questions, + those that bring answers. I would submit that more than that, the last ten years have proved that some years hold realizations, others are for resistance; some require resolve, + even others are required rest years. Looking back, 2018 was one for revelation: Self-revelation of the foundations of who I am, who I want to be, + what truly makes me tick. What fires me up. What ignites me to life, + what kills my spirit. In 2018, I learned to make peace with uncertainty, an ongoing battle that hasn’t ended, it’s just one that I’ve learned to fight. And with this revelation, I proclaim 2019 to be the year of renewal. Of all the things that God has created in me - for me to be - as a child + renewal of those dreams + passions as an adult. A year of Ruthless Renewal through Trust.

2018 was a year of release and revelation - release of all the things that undermined the foundation of who He has revealed me to be.

2019, it’s the year for Renewal.

My Word of the Year: Congruence

My Goal of the Year: Renewal through Trust

My Scripture of the Year: Psalm 40:4 “Blessed are you who give yourselves over to God (NLT)” in the words of the NASB version “How blessed is the (wo)man who has made the Lord (her)his trust.”

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